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Sanya offers free COVID-19 vaccine at 30 medical institutions

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2021-04-01

A total of 30 medical institutions in Sanya are offering COVID-19 vaccines and residents can go to the nearby medical centers or hospitals for free shots, according to the Sanya municipal health commission.

The 30 medical institutions are: Sanya Central Hospital, Sanya People's Hospital, Maling Health Center, Fenghuang Health Center, the temporary vaccination area at Sanya Beauty Crown Cultural Exhibition Center, the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Tianya District Gaofeng Hospital, Chaoyang Community Health Service Center, Sanya Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Sanya Women and Children's Hospital, Hailuo Community Health Service Center, Lizhigou Health Center, Tiandu Health Center, Fuhaiyuan Community Health Service Center, Hainan St. Bali Hospital (Hainan Branch of Harbin Second Hospital), the temporary vaccination areas at Hainan Tropical Ocean University and Sanya University, Hedong Community Health Service Center, Dadonghai Community Health Service Station, Nanxin Hospital, Nanbin Hospital, Baogang Health Center, Meishan Health Center, Yacheng Health Center, Hainan Hospital of PLA General Hospital, Linwang Health Center, Tengqiao Health Center, Nantian Hospital in Haitang district, Linwangnan Health Service Center, as well as Yucai Hospital.

People in Sanya aged over 18, including seniors aged over 60 who are in good physical condition, are entitled to receive free shots in Sanya without restrictions based on household registration and nationality.

"415,000 residents in Sanya have received free COVID-19 vaccine so far," officials from the Sanya municipal health commission said. They also urged the public to get the full two shots of the vaccine.

A senior citizen gets a vaccine at a medical institution in Sanya on April 1. [Photo/Hainan Daily]


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