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Tourists enjoy beautiful tropical scenery in Sanya

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2020-10-12

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A tourist snaps a photo of Sanya's Phoenix Island Resort at the mountain top of Luhuitou Scenic Spot in Sanya on Oct 5. [Photo by Li Xueshi/Sanya Daily]

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A couple poses for a wedding photo at Sanya Banshan Peninsula Sailing Port on Oct 5. [Photo by Yuan Yongdong/Sanya Daily]

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Tourists from Qiongshan dressed in traditional Miao clothing pose for a group photo at Luhuitou Scenic Spot in Sanya on Oct 5. [Photo by Li Xueshi/Sanya Daily]

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Tourists go out to sea by yacht in Sanya on Oct 5. [Photo by Sun Qing/Sanya Daily]


说明: http://www.sanya.gov.cn/sanyasite/sjsy/202010/8dd6cfb23fa04664980039379bea0e81/images/89a0e5d5763e46b48ceeb1f48cf8356f.jpg

Parents take their children to Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone in Sanya on Oct 4. [Photo by Chen Wenwu/Sanya Daily]

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