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Sanya Appeals to Overseas Tourists with Beautiful Scenery and Delicious Food

Print Xinhua Updated: 2019-04-29

Good stories can cross time and space, national borders and languages.

Chris, a tourist from Britain, said in an interview on February 7: "I have been to the beautiful Luhuitou scenic spot and read the story in which a hunter fell in love with a girl who was changed from a deer."

Besides the story, Sanya attracted him in many ways.

"Sanya is a warm and beautiful city. Palm trees are neatly planted on both sides of the roads, and modern hotels stand on the skyline," Chris said. He thinks that Sanya's pleasant climate, rich cultural deposits, delicious tropical fruits and seafood are most attractive.

Deeply fascinated by Sanya, Chris became a foreign language teacher in Sanya Maidu English Training Center. He believes that many people in the West have not realized the attraction of Sanya, so he has recommended Sanya to his relatives and friends many times.

Like Chris, Craig from Canada is another foreign tourist who fell in love with Sanya as soon as he arrived.

As the director of planning of the Cultural Creativity Museum in Fishing Village, West Island, Tianya District, Sanya City, he transformed many old and useless articles into artworks with vivid shapes of seabirds, crabs, and other marine life. 

When it comes to artistic creation, Craig wrote down the word "unique" on the reporter's interview book, and said: "I want to make the poetic scenery on West Island more interesting and distinctive."

When the reporter took out a Sanya Delicacies List, Craig pointed to the pipa crab, fresh abalone from the South China Sea and balloonfish congee on it and repeatedly said that they are so delicious.

A Romanian who took his wife to Sanya for a tour is going by the name Dahai (sea) as he liked the sea in Sanya so much. He said: "Sanya not only has beautiful scenery and delicious food, but also hospitable citizens! 

Sanya, which is suitable for living, business and tourism, is becoming a destination for more and more overseas tourists.

"Sanya's opening to the outside world has obviously accelerated. It is necessary to create a world-class tourist consumption environment," Said Ye Kaizhong, deputy director of Sanya Tourism Development Committee. Rated as a state-level aviation hub, Sanya now operates 36 international air routes, including 13 to London and other overseas cities which were newly opened in 2018. In the whole year, foreigners visiting Sanya under the 59-country visa-free policy numbered over 200,000 person-times. The tourists’ overnight spending reached 716,200 person-times, up 3.37% from a year earlier. In 2019, Sanya plans to open more than 15 new international air routes, formulate exclusive marketing plans for different target markets, and increase the number of inbound tourists by more than 20%.

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