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Sanya Promotion and Service Center for New Energy Vehicles to boost industrial connectivity

Print Updated: 2019-04-29


The Sanya Promotion and Service Center for New Energy Vehicle is born.

As a key leading area for the development and popularization of clean energy vehicles, Sanya is bold in practice and courageous in exploring "new means". Under the guidance of the Sanya Municipal Government and the Sanya Informatization Bureau of Science and Technology Industry, among others influences, the Sanya Promotion and Service Center for New Energy Vehicles was inaugurated on March 14 to promote connectivity and resource integration of upstream and downstream industries related to new energy vehicles to help that industry grow in Sanya.

The center, situated on the north side of Yalong Bay Interchange of G98 Hainan Island Ring Expressway, is an integral part of Sanya New Energy Vehicle Town. In an aerial view, the two-layered center, in the shape of a disk, looks rather grand. When you step into the spacious and bright building with an area of about 2,006 sq. m., you find five functional areas of popular science, new products release, sample cars, brand themes, and Internet of Vehicle (IoV) big data.

The popular science exhibition area on the first floor, with a theme of "SciTech Charm, the Future is Now", shows the development realities and challenges of new energy vehicles -- their manufacturing process, working principle, and characterizations of energy saving, high efficiency, and environmental friendliness -- through infographics and videos by means of informatization. The interior tour brimming with "black technologies" is just like a ramble in a science & technology museum.

"It's our duty to focus on both service and promotion," the center's director said, adding that the center will hold interactive activities from time to time for the purpose of extending new energy knowledge to the public while gradually promoting new energy industry policies. The goal is that consumers will come to feel the attraction of new energy vehicles in the most direct experiential way.


The popular science exhibition area on the first floor of the Sanya Promotion and Service Center for New Energy Vehicles

According to the Hainan Clean Energy Vehicle Development Plan recently published by Hainan Province, the leading role of the southern "Big Sanya" tourism economic circle should be fully exerted to inject strong growth momentum into the development of the new energy vehicle industry in Sanya.

As the center's establishment makes competent authorities more confident, Cai Haibao, deputy director of the Sanya Informatization Bureau of the Science and Technology Industry, hopes that the center will give full play to its role as "a good assistant to the government and enterprises", consolidating and perfecting work with the aim of "creating a good atmosphere for the development of the new energy vehicle industry, striving for more powerful supporting policies and public resources for enterprises, promoting cooperation and exchange between industrial enterprises, and accelerating the application of new energy vehicles in Sanya" always kept in mind. Apart from that, the center will help complete the introduction, recommendation and administration of Sci & Tech projects for Sanya’s new energy vehicle industry.

At the inauguration, a cooperation agreement was signed between Sanya Zhongke Remote Sensing Information Industrial Park Investment Co., Ltd. and the Management Committee of Sanya New Energy Vehicle Town to jointly plan the project of "Sanya Crowd Innovation Space of International Industrial Intelligence".


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