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Hainan gains support to improve entry-exit policies

Print Updated: 2019-07-11

The Ministry of Public Security released five entry-exit policies to support Hainan's talent introduction efforts during a press conference held in Beijing on July 3.
Foreign talents are offered more convenient measures to enter and stay. Senior technical and managerial personnel, urgently needed specialists, as well as science and technology innovation team members in Hainan's key fields or industries are able to apply for an entrance visa at ports on the basis of relevant materials. They can apply for a long-term visa or a residence permit of less than five years upon entry. Those recommended by local personnel management departments can apply for permanent residence in Hainan, and their foreign spouse and children of minor age can apply with it. Overseas high-level talents are allowed to hire foreign domestic staff who obtained residence permits with materials such as an employment contract. Employed overseas high-level talents can also take part-time positions once approved by employers.
Foreign technical personnel, such as high-end starred hotel chefs and medical staff in the Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, can apply for residence permits that match the same time period stipulated in their work contract to meet key industrial development needs in tourism, tropical characteristic and high-efficiency agriculture, medical health, high-tech and new technology, as well as education, culture, and sports.
International students with master degrees and above in Chinese institutions of higher learning who are recommended by affiliated colleges and want to start businesses in Hainan are able to apply for a residence permit within two years of the recommendation. Foreign students learning at overseas colleges can apply for a related visa for internships at regular intervals in Hainan's starred hotels, hospitals, and international schools through materials such as an invitation letter and certificate of study.
Foreign Chinese working in Hainan with a doctoral degree or those that have worked in Hainan for four consecutive years and have lived in Hainan for no less than six months each year can apply for permanent residence. Their foreign spouse and children of minor age are also qualified to be part of the application. In addition, foreigners who have invested in innovative enterprises in Hainan for three years with good tax records, as well as those who have worked in Hainan for four years and meet the criteria for annual wage income and annual payment of personal income tax in Hainan can apply for permanent residence.
One-stop immigration services integrating entry and exit document handling, legal aid, language training, and cultural exchanges will also be improved, with new centers established in areas where many foreigners live and work.

Media outlets from home and abroad attend the press conference held in Beijing on July 3 to offer support to Hainan's policies on deeper reform and opening up. [Photo by Liang Zi and Jian Yuankai/Hainan Daily]

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