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Intl beer festival to heat up Sanya

Print Updated: 2019-07-12

The second Luhuitou International Beer Festival will kick off in Sanya's Lutuitou Park in South China's Hainan province on July 20, providing a mix of drinks, entertainment, and summertime fun in the coastal city.
This year's beer festival will bring visitors a series of activities centering on beer, love, and the culture of the Li and Miao ethnic groups, such as beer contests and affection confession campaigns.
Renowned performers from home and abroad will add a dash of culture and excitement to the festival. Featured local food will be also available to satisfy the taste buds of visitors.
In addition, a brewing beer experience area will be set up at the park to provide more fun for attendees.
According to the head of the park, the beer festival is one of the ways to enrich its supply of tourism products. It will promote the transformation of the park's tourism from traditional sightseeing tours to interactive and experiential tours, as well as improve its tourism service level.
This year's beer festival will last until Sept 1.
Luhuitou Park is one of the most well- known attractions in Sanya. Its name, which can be translated to a deer turns its head, is rooted in the romantic legend of a Li hunter chasing a deer. According to legend, when the deer pursued by the Li hunter had nowhere left to run, it turned its head to look at the hunter, and transformed into a beautiful girl. The hunter instantly fell in love with her. Now, the park is a popular place for young couples.

Visitors enjoy the spectacular and glorious sunset at one of Luhuitou Park's hilltops during the first beer festival held in Sanya, South China's Hainan province from Aug 15 to Sept 15, 2018. [Photo/WeChat account: Luhuitoupark] 

A female singer gives a performance at the first beer festival held at Luhuitou Park. [Photo/WeChat account: Luhuitoupark] 

The beer area of the first beer festival in Luhuitou Park is crowded with visitors. [Photo/WeChat account: Luhuitoupark]

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