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Sanya to put NEVs into online ride sharing market

Print Updated: 2019-08-14

According to its industry and information technology bureau, Sanya plans to add 200 new energy vehicles (NEV), of which 50 will be used for online ride sharing, after completing relevant documents.
The newly added NEVs are invested in and operated by Hainan Zhichehui Automobile Service Co. "We will carry out a new operation model to promote the application of NEVs. Users that rent and use them at a rental rate of 4,500 yuan ($636.88) per month for three consecutive years can own the vehicle for good. Drivers with relevant qualifications can drive the vehicles for free and divide the profits they earned during the operation of the vehicle with the company," said Yu Jinliang, head of the company.
The new energy automobile industry is a green industry, and the promotion and application of NEVs is a general trend of it. In recent years, Sanya has made solid foundations in promoting the application scale, supporting policy system, infrastructure construction, and business model innovation of NEVs.
According to a leader of Sanya’s industry and information technology bureau, the development of NEVs will greatly upgrade smart transportation and smart cities.
In the future, Sanya will continue to promote clean energy vehicles to ease the conflict between travel demands and the regulation of motor vehicles.

The new energy vehicles will soon be put into operation in Sanya. [Photo by Wu Wei/Hainan Daily]

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