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International cultural fair wraps up in Sanya

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2020-01-03

The Fourth Sanya International Cultural Industry Fair, with nearly 30,000 exhibits on display by cultural enterprises from 40 countries and regions along the Belt and Road, wrapped up its four-day exhibition on Dec 31, 2019.


This exhibition is not only a feast of cultural exchanges, but also generates results. The total value of signed projects hit 1.65 billion yuan ($240 million), and the value of projects intended to reach agreement topped 4.56 billion yuan. A total of 15 domestic and foreign cultural companies are expected to settle in the city of Sanya.


As a hot coastal tourist destination, Sanya has opened more than 40 overseas air routes, receiving nearly one million inbound tourists each year. The city has successfully held international cultural events such as the Hainan Island International Film Festival and ISY Music Festival, greatly developing its global image and displaying its inclusiveness and openness.


"As well as work, I will come to Sanya for vacation", according to Belarusian Ambassador to China Kiryl Rudy. As a witness to the development of Sanya, the ambassador was amazed by its development speed and continuing growth.


At the cultural fair, the delegation of Belarus brought quality meat and milk products, hoping to win the favor of their Chinese consumers


In addition to the Belarusian ambassador, diplomatic officials from 20 countries including Georgia and Bulgaria were also present at the fair.


After returning to their countries from the fair, the ambassadors and foreign guests will help spread word of Sanya’s development in the tourism and cultural industries, which will boost business matchmaking, and promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation with Hainan, said Zhou Chengquan, person-in-charge of the Fourth Sanya International Cultural Industry Fair.


Visitors browse Georg wines at the fair. [Photo provided by Organizing Committee of the Fourth Sanya International Cultural Industry Fair]

Foreign artists stage exotic cultural events at the fair. [Photo provided by Organizing Committee of the Fourth Sanya International Cultural Industry Fair]

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