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Seven discharged cases reported in Hainan on Feb 12

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2020-02-13

Seven patients were cured and discharged from hospitals in Hainan on Feb 12, according to latest release from the Hainan Provincial Health Commission.

Twelve new cases of novel coronavirus infection were also confirmed in the province on the same day, with one death and one severe case recorded.

As of Feb 12, a total of 157 novel coronavirus-infected cases had been confirmed in Hainan. Of these, 11 were severe cases, with four deaths and 27 discharged cases recorded.

Among the confirmed cases, 29 were in Haikou, 54 in Sanya, 15 in Danzhou, three in Wenchang, six in Qionghai, 13 in Wanning, three in Dongfang, eight in Chengmai, six in Lingao, seven in Changjiang, four in Lingshui, three in Ding'an, three in Baoting, two in Ledong, and one in Qiongzhong.

As of Feb 12, a total of 4,422 people who had close contact with infected patients had been traced. A total of 3,099 people were released from medical observation, while 1,323 are still under medical observation.

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