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Sanya medical institutions strengthen disease control efforts

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2020-06-23

A doctor examines the health of a child patient. [Photo/Sanya Daily]


Strengthened measures have been introduced in Sanya's medical institutions to prevent both imported cases and domestic transmission of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).


To ensure medical security, prevent cross-infections, and consolidate the gains of current disease control methods, the treatment process has been bolstered, skill trainings for medical workers have been strengthened, measures for the prevention and supervision of hospital-acquired infections have been implemented, as well as disinfections have been rigorously conducted.


Pre-examination triage has been set up to identify and classify patients that may have been infected with COVID-19. Before making their appointment, patients should take their temperature, get identification card checks, as well as show their health codes. In addition, epidemiological investigations should have been taken.


Fever clinics have been serving as the outpost in the battle against COVID-19. Experienced professional medical workers with a strong sense of responsibility have been deployed to improve the capacity of receiving patients and conducting treatments.


Compulsory nucleic acid tests are given to all those that need them.


It is also suggested that the public enhance their personal protective measures, including maintaining social distancing, purchasing high quality COVID-19 prevention materials, making sure that meat products are cooked thoroughly, as well as washing chopping boards and tableware thoroughly.

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