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Hainan asks fishermen to implement 7 COVID-19 control measures

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2022-08-05

On Aug 4, the Hainan Provincial COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters issued a "letter" to fishermen in the province, imploring all fishermen in the province to cooperate with governments at all levels, as well as epidemic prevention and control departments in taking the initiative to implement seven COVID-19 prevention and control measures.

First, they should obey the command of the local government, report to the local government before setting out to the sea, and receive nucleic acid test after returning to the port.

Second, all fishermen must complete nucleic acid test five times a week.

Third, they should accept health checks, as well as complete identity, health code, and itinerary card information checks after returning to the port every time.

Fourth, for those with a history of contact with fishing boats and fishing goods from outside the province, they should implement "7+3" health management measures, which include seven days of centralized isolation and three days of home-based health monitoring. For fishermen whose fishing boats have moored at Yazhou Central Fishing Port in the past seven days, they should undergo centralized isolation medical observation.

Fifth, nucleic acid test should be strengthened for key personnel, while nucleic acid test should be implemented twice a week for fishing boats, fishermen, fishing ports, fishing markets, fishing goods, as well as other practitioners in at risk port areas and fishing villages.

Sixth, fishermen should do a good job in maintaining their personal health and hygiene protection. All fishermen who go out of the village or setting out to the sea should wear masks, wash their hands frequently, and maintain social distancing with each other.

Seventh, people should postpone the holding of celebratory events, conduct simple funerals, and avoid group gatherings.

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