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Sanya holds National Ecological Day promotion activities

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2023-08-16

On Aug 15, Sanya launched a variety of ecological civilization promotion and education activities to celebrate China's first National Ecological Day.

The activities aimed to raise public awareness for ecological protection.

These activities attracted a variety of organizations to participate, including the Sanya municipal bureau of ecology and environment, the Sanya Station of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment's National Marine Environment Monitoring Center, the Blue Ribbon Ocean Conservation Association, and the Sanya Sunflower Public Welfare Service Center.

At the Sanya Marine Science Popularization Museum, families, college students, and local residents engaged in interactive learning activities on marine resources, the relationship between humans and the ocean, marine rights and interests, the historical and present situation of the South China Sea.

At the site of the promotion activities, volunteers hung banners, set up information booths, distributed promotional brochures, and gave typical case explanations to promote environmental protection laws and regulations to the public.

Over 200 types of brochures were distributed, encouraging people to adopt a simple and moderate, green and low-carbon lifestyle. They also advocated for the protection of the ecological environment, and the construction of a beautiful and livable Sanya.

Sanya showcases its lush greenery. [Photo/IC]

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