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Sanya Joy City shopping center set to debut on Oct 1

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2024-06-14

An aerial view of Sanya Joy City. [Photo/Sanya Daily]

The Sanya Joy City shopping center is expected to make its grand debut on Oct 1, enhancing Sanya with one more top-tier landmark.

With neatly defined functional zones and a fresh, eye-catching aesthetic, this center stands out by exploring local culture and business, revitalizing Sanya's commerce.

Inspired by Hainan's cultural heritage of the Li ethnic group brocade weaving, the mall unveils the signature project alongside innovative elements such as a waterfall and terraces, creating a lush rainforest scene.

Embracing island vibes, a rooftop entertainment district offers an immersive experience while cutting-edge technology and interactions, including naked-eye 3D screens, establish the mall as a premier social media hotspot and urban landmark.

Sanya Joy City, a pioneer in urban consumer evolution, emphasizes trendiness and spotlighting fashion sports, entertainment experiences, social life, and unique dining options with the basics of the Joy City brand. With plans to introduce 220 brands, the development will feature over 60 percent as the city’s first store, flagship stores, and customization stores.

In contrast, dining and experience stores will make up over 40 percent of the total, with the aim of establishing a culinary landmark in Sanya. Among the initial prominent brands are Bona International Cinema, X-PARTY, and Dumabao Smart Kids' Park.

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