Sanya to introduce policies for new digital economy enterprises

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2024-03-18

A significant milestone has been reached in the development of the digital economy industry in Sanya. A comprehensive set of measures designed to accelerate this growth has been reviewed, approved, and is set to be implemented from April 1.

Through policy support, Sanya will establish a number of platforms for the digital economy industry, nurture innovative enterprises, and encourage and support the settlement of leading enterprises in the digital economy with international and domestic influence.

The primary objective is to advance the development of the digital economy industry and establish a new impetus for its rapid expansion. This endeavor is aimed at promoting high-quality growth and creating fresh opportunities for success.

The document consists of five chapters and 25 articles, primarily providing incentives and support for the digital economy industry in the city from the perspectives of investment attraction and industrial development. These measures apply to enterprises engaged in the core digital economy industry and conducting actual business operations in Sanya.

Enterprises that choose to establish operations within Sanya's provincial-level key industrial parks while engaging in substantive operations and with registered capital exceeding 10 million yuan will be entitled to a one-time settlement incentive. This incentive, equivalent to 1 percent of the paid-in registered capital, could amount to a maximum of 5 million yuan ($ 694,913.44).

For major projects investing in the digital economy industry in Sanya, where the non-governmental funds in the actual fixed asset total investment exceeds 200 million yuan, a 1 percent incentive will be provided based on the non-governmental funds.

Nine policy supports are provided for enterprises entering the digital economy field in Sanya, including support for purchasing computing power services, hosting significant events in the digital economy field, promoting the comprehensive opening of digital application scenarios, encouraging the construction of blockchain application demonstration projects, and supporting the construction of excellent artificial intelligence projects.

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