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Profile of Yazhou district

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2020-04-15

The beautiful morning scenery at the fishing port in Yazhou district. [Photo by Wang Qinggui provided to chinadaily.com.cn]  

I. Profile of Yazhou district

Yazhou district is located in Western Sanya, 45 kilometers from the city's downtown area and 28 kilometers from its Sanya Phoenix International Airport.

The district has an area of 383.25 square kilometers, with a coast line of 50.47 kilometers. It contains 32 village clusters, 88 villages, and a population of 160,000 which includes 30,000 people of minority ethnicity, most of whom are Li.

Yazhou district is home to many key projects such as a creative industrial park, a central fishing port, the Nanshan freight port and the Nanshan cultural tourism zone, which is a vital center of Sanya's resources and energy as well as an important engine for the exploration of industries in Western Sanya.

II. General development

1. The district's comprehensive economic strength has markedly increased.

2. Investment in fixed assets has been increased.

3. Key project constructions have been steadfastly promoted. A series of creative industrial projects such as a central R&D center, a UFIDA, ZTE, and Haiyuntian are under urgent construction. The central fishing port is already invested with 1.7 billion yuan ($253.35 million). The connection and renovation of the port road and highway G98 has been completed and accepted, and the port is functionally opened.

4. Investment in people's livelihood has been increased. Related projects such as the Dalong East Main Canal and many of Yazhou's main city roads are progressing with good effects for local people.  

5. The urban and rural environment has been improved. Over the past five years, the district has accelerated ecological civilization construction and implemented measures for ecological construction, environmental protection and energy-saving and emission reduction, assigning appropriate responsibilities.

6. Public security has achieved remarkable results. The district's rural areas have realized full-coverage of remote E-education.

III. Development planning

During the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) period Yazhou will deepen reforms, strengthen innovation, activate its own advantages, accelerate transformation, promote the fusion of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, tackle difficulties, improve people's welfare and build a strong "western wing" of Sanya as part of a well-off and well-rounded society.

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