Three picked tourist routes of Sanya

Print Updated: 2019-05-13

Half-day route

Binglanghe cultural tourist area (rural hot spring experience)

One-day route

Hainan Yanoda tropical rainforest (a top-level rainforest scenic spot in China) - Zhongliao village (a beautiful and leisurely rural village of China)


Take tourist bus from Sanya to the tourist sites

The first stop: Hainan Yanoda tropical rainforest

Have lunch in Yanoda

The second stop: Zhongliao village

View beautiful rural scenery, eat local food, participate in Li ethnic groups activities and enjoy ethnic music

Return to downtown Sanya


Observation platform in the Yanoda tropical rainforest scenic spot. [Photo/ www.yanoda.com]   


Two-day route

West Island fishing village - Yalamimiao village


First day: take tourist bus from Sanya and arrive at tourist site in half an hour

The first stop: West Island tourist area

View the sea island and the scenery of a fishing village, experience sea sport and have lunch

The second stop: Yalami Miao village of Houkao village

Take boat to view Dalong reservoir and view the sights of the two river banks, eat local dishes and live in Miao residents house or try camping.

The second day: after breakfast, climb the Baishi Hill, pick passion fruit after lunch, take a bus to return to downtown Sanya in the afternoon.

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