Sanya's Tianya district launches 5 tourism routes

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2023-04-18

Sanya's Tianya district recently announced its five most beautiful rural tourism routes, in order to accelerate the integration of its tourism industry with rural vitalization.

Route 1: Shuijiao village - Baoqian village - Baolong village - Tailou village - Liuluo village.

This route focuses on family-friendly tourism and student research travel, showcasing the achievements of rural vitalization.

Baoqian village. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_2d768b5d603d]

Route 2: Red Detachment of Women Performing Arts Park - Binglang village - West Island.

The park is a red scenic spot and all three locations are beautiful rural areas that meet the diverse experience needs of tourists.

Route 3: Sanya Bay Coconut Dream Corridor - West Island - Tianya Haijiao - Tianya town - Space Science and Technology Museum.

On this route, tourists can play on the beaches of West Island, experience the romantic atmosphere of Tianya Haijiao, see the sunset in Sanya Bay, and learn about space technology at the museum.

Route 4: Nanhai community - Binglang village - Tianya town - Heitu village - Wenmen village.

With the theme of "local traditional characteristic culture + beautiful countryside", this route includes the unique culture of the Dan people (a Chinese clan of boat dwellers who have lived along China's coastline for a long time), the culture of Li ethnic group, and the local culture in Wenmen ancient village.

Tianya town. [Photo/WeChat account: gh_2d768b5d603d]

Route 5: Baoqian village - Shuijiao village - Sanya Bay - West Island.

With the theme of "ecological and environmental protection", the route will organize tourists to participate in environmental protection activities. Tourists will also learn more about environmental awareness by visiting environmental protection locations.

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