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In the blink of an eye, summer has fled and autumn - the best season for cycling in Hainan - has arrived. Cycling enthusiasts will love the island's greenways and bike lanes, as they are guaranteed to experience Hainan's gentle sea breeze, ocean viewpoints, and picturesque scenery. These are some top recommendations for beautiful biking routes in the greater Sanya area.

1. Damao Yuanyang Ecology Village

Total distance: 12 kilometers

Start from Zhongliao village. Pass through 10 picturesque villages, including Liyi, Lier, Shangtang, Xiatang, Shanglu, Xialu, and Xiabanling village, before ending at the Sannong Reservoir.

Starting from Zhongliao village and going uphill very gradually, you will pass through a number of beautiful villages interspersed with lush natural vegetation, charming pastoral scenery, and tropical crops.

2. Yazhou Ancient City

Total distance: 7 km

Start from Shuinan village and ride along Huanjin Road to Shuinan Primary School and Shengde Hall. Cross the Yazhou Bridge, and pass through Wenming Gate into Yazhou Ancient City. End with a visit to the Yacheng Academy.

Yazhou Ancient City dates back more than 1,000 years. Whether you are riding the cobblestoned road of the tourist area inside the city walls or on the dedicated cycle paths, you'll feel as if you are journeying through time and space.

Yazhou Ancient City. [Photo/Sanya tourism board]

3. Tianya Haijiao Route

Total distance: 21 km

Start from the Beauty Crown Hotel and ride along Fenghuang Road through Linchunling Forest Park to Sanya No 1 Middle School. Ride past Sanya Phoenix International Airport before ending at Tianya Haijiao.

This route features many of Sanya's main roads and boulevards. By following this route, you will not only appreciate the beauty of the city's modern architecture, but also the unique charm of its natural tropical scenery. 

4. Sanya Bay Trail

Total distance: 20 km

Start from Haiyue Plaza and ride along Sanya Bay Binhai Avenue to the Coconut Dream Corridor.

This coastal ride makes use of greenways and highlights the city's natural resources. Beneath the dappled shadows of the coconut groves, many shops along this route sell fresh coconuts for you to enjoy while watching the picturesque bayview sunset.

The seaside Sanya sunset. [Photo/IC]

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