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Print Updated: 2019-06-11

 [Photo/ www.capeverdeislands.org]

Sal is an island in Cape Verde. It belongs to the northern group of islands, called Barlavento, and comprises a single administrative division, the municipality of Sal. Its seat is the city of Espargos.The island is 29.7 kilometers long and 11.8 kilometers wide, covering an areaof 219.8 square kilometers.

Sal’s main town, Espargos, is home to one of the nation’s international airports. Tourism, focused on the area of Santa Maria, has replaced salt and fishing as the main source of income. In 2017, 48.2 percent of the country's available beds were on the island of Sal.

Web: http://www.wordtravels.com/Travelguide/Countries/Cape+Verde/Regions/Sal

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