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Sanya's Bao'an village makes progresses in rural vitalization

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2022-10-13

During the past 10 years, Yucai Ecological Zone's Bao'an village has implemented targeted poverty alleviation measures and created a new rural atmosphere emblematic of its rural vitalization campaign.

Located about 80 kilometers away from Sanya's downtown area, Bao'an village is the most remote mountain village in the city. Its location in a mountainous area makes difficulties in accessing drinking water, transportation, and education the most urgent immediate problems for villagers.

Through the water supply project for rural areas, Bao'an villagers can use clear and clean tap water.

Four years ago, the No 60 bus line from Baowen Group I of Bao'an village to Guangcai Primary School was opened, ending the history of no bus service in the village.

Yucai Dongfanghong Primary School and Kindergarten opened on Sept 7, 2020, meeting the village's education needs.

“Problems related to drinking water, transportation, and education have been solved,” said Fu Jiye, the Party secretary of Bao'an village, who noted the next step was finding ways for villagers to increase their incomes.

Bao'an village used to take planting areca and rubber as its main industries. However, the industries were weak and villagers began to plant glossy ganoderma, traditional Chinese medicine, and keep bees in recent years. Nowadays, every household in Bao'an village has a stable source of income.

"All 485 people from the 92 registered impoverished households have been lifted out of poverty, and the per capita net income in 2021 reached 24,000 yuan ($3,338)," Fu said.

By building a three-dimensional cultivation and planting base, as well as by planting colorful leaves, passion fruit, and kumquats, the village has promoted the sustainable development of its under-forest economy, helped increase farmers' incomes, and boosted its rural economy by making use of its ecology.

Fu said that the village will introduce enterprises to develop industries and rural tourism in line with the village's ecological environment and the traditional culture of ethnic minority groups to further its economic development.

Bao'an village. [Photo/Sanya Daily]

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