Introduction to Customized Routes of Sanya City

Print Updated: 2019-08-19

D1: South Gate of Tongxin Park (Phase V) to Second Municipal Government Office

(To) First shift 7:20-8:00; Second shift 7:30-8:10; Third shift 14:20-15:00; Fourth shift 14:30-15:10

(Return) First shift 12:10-12:50; Second shift 12:20-13:00; Third shift 18:10-18:50; Fourth shift 18:20-19:00

D2: Junhe Juntai to Municipal Government

(To) First shift 7:05-8:03; Second shift 7:15-8:13; Third shift 14:05-15:03; Fourth shift 14:15-15:13

(Return) (departure station: Municipal Party Committee) First shift 12:10-13:00; Second shift 18:10-19:00

(Return) (departure station: Transportation Bureau) First shift 12:10-13:00; Second shift 18:10-19:00

D3: Municipal Party Committee to Yazhou District Government

(To) 6:45-8:00

(Return) 18:05-19:30

D4: Municipal Land and Resources Bureau to Haitang District Government

(To) 6:45-7:40

(Return) 18:00-18:55

D5: Mingzhu Square to Haitang District Committee

(To) 7:00-7:55

(Return) 18:00-19:10

D6: Municipal Government to Haitang Bay District Committee

(To) 7:00-7:50

(Return) 18:00-19:15

D7: Fenghuangling Park to Haitang District Committee

(To) 6:55-7:48

(Return) 18:00-19:05

D8: Jiyang Town Government to Yazhou District Government

(To) 6:45-7:55

(Return) 18:05-19:35

D10: Municipal Party Committee to Yucai Ecological Zone

(To) 6:40-8:10

(Return) 18:10-19:42

D11: Municipal Party School to Modern Service Business Management Committee

(To) 6:30-7:50

(Return) 17:25-19:01

D12: Bayi Middle School to Tianya District Administrative Center

(To) 7:10-7:50

(Return) 18:10-19:05

D13: Tianya District Committee (Mingzhu Square) to Second District Government Office (Relocated)

(To) 7:30-7:55

(Return) 18:00-18:30

D15: Junhe Juntai to Suburban People's Procuratorate

(To) 7:20-8:05

(Return) 18:10-18:55

D16: Kaifeng Garden to Suburban People's Procuratorate

(To) 7:20-8:10

(Return) 18:10-19:02

D22: Tongxin Park (Phase IV) to Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City

(To) 7:15-8:25

(Return) 17:40-20:35

D23: Municipal Government to Management Committee of Modern Service Industry Park

(To) start from 7:40

(Return) start from 17:30

D9, D14, D17, D18, D19, D20, D21 are out of service

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