Phone numbers required to buy train tickets starting Saturday

Print chinadaily.com.cn Updated: 2020-02-01

Starting on Saturday, passengers will be required to provide their phone numbers when buying train tickets as part of the country's efforts to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, according to the country's top railway operator.

China State Railway Group said on Friday in order to get in touch with passengers in a timely manner amid the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak, passengers must submit their mobile phone numbers when purchasing tickets.

Passenger without mobile phones, including juveniles and senior citizens, are allowed to provide the mobile numbers of their guardians or relatives, it said, adding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents can provide e-mail addresses instead, as well as foreign passengers.

The railway department will protect the personal information of passengers in accordance with the law, and verify the authenticity of mobile phone numbers when necessary. People who fail to pass the verification will not be able to purchase tickets, the company said.


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