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Useful numbers

Print Updated: 2019-05-17

Government hotline: 12345

Food safety: 12331

Housing fund: 12329

Association of Customers: 12315

Emergency center: 120

Fire reporting: 119

Public security: 110

Traffic accidents: 122

Telephone consultation: 114

Sanya Exit–Entry Administration Bureau+86-898-88869902

Sanya Phoenix International Airport: +86-898-88289389

Sanya Resident and Visitor Information Center: 12345/12301 (Both are available in English, Korean, and Russian for 24 hours)

China Post: +86-898-38213245

Sanya Civil Affairs Bureau: +86-898-38860138 (Consultation for marriage registration)

Sanya Tax Service: +86-898-38860172

Sanya Industrial and Commerce Administration Bureau:

+86-898-38860133 (Consultation for setting up business)

+86-898-38860282 (Consultation for trademark registration)

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