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African plant scientist praises China

Print chinadaily.com.cn Updated: 2023-12-29

Felix Dakora, former president of the African Academy of Sciences, has praised China's efforts to promote the exchange of germ plasm of crops species as climate change causes a decline in crop biodiversity.

He said that more extreme weather events, with unusual temperatures, wildfires, flooding and drought, are putting a lot of pressure on the preservation of crop species' biodiversity, and the international exchange of germ plasm could be a solution.

"If it's lost in one region completely, you can replenish it by importing from, literally taking germ plasm in another part of the world such as Sanya," Dakora said, referring to the tropical city in South China's Hainan province that is home to a national breeding base where plant scientists from across the globe can conduct research.

The South African plant scientist said China has emerged as a major food producer over the past decade through huge investment in agricultural technologies.

He expressed confidence that Africa, working closely with China, can soon emulate that prowess in food production and achieve self-sufficiency.

To hear more about what he had to say, please click the video.

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