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Sanya sets up sub-venue of Hainan FTP projects commencement ceremony

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2023-02-07

On Feb 6, Sanya set up a sub-venue for the commencement ceremony for the first batch of centralized construction projects of Hainan Free Trade Port in 2023. Sanya has launched seven projects with a total investment of 1.17 billion yuan ($172 million), and plans to invest 650 million yuan this year.

The seven projects, involving key areas such as people's livelihoods and infrastructure, are the first of the construction projects scheduled throughout the year. The construction of these projects will further optimize the development environment in Sanya and improve people's well-being.

The activity site was located in the second phase of the Sanya Senior Intellectual Residence Park project in Xueyuan Road, Jiyang district, with a land area of about 75,756.86 square meters and a total construction area of about 200,000 sq m. The first batch of 12 buildings is planned to be completed in August 2024, with a total investment of one billion yuan and an investment of 500 million yuan in 2023.

Hainan FTP started construction of 167 projects with an investment of 59.7 billion yuan this round. In the past five years, Hainan FTP has accumulated 2,143 projects with a total investment of 824 billion yuan.

On Feb 6, Sanya sets up a sub-venue for the commencement ceremony of the first batch of construction projects of Hainan FTP in 2023. [Photo/Hainan Daily]

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