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Foreigners' perspectives: Life is sunny in Sanya

Print hich.cn Updated: 2023-04-17

Who is Muhummad Musa Khan? And what is his story? You're going to want to continue reading, because Khan's story is one worth reading. His work, like many other researchers, has an impact on your everyday life without you even knowing it.

Khan graduated with a PhD from Huazhong Agricultural University in 2019, before heading to South China Agricultural University to complete his post-doctoral fellowship. Now he's based here in Hainan, but why?

We keep hearing on the news about the world's largest free trade port being built here. We hear about new policies released. We hear about the outstanding results of its initial stages of construction in the government work report released during the Hainan Two Sessions every year. But a story like Dr. Khan's is a true authentic reflection of the island's prosperous environment and the future success stories that will continue to come out of the Hainan Free Trade Port, which are filled with hopes, dreams, and a better tomorrow.

A better tomorrow is exactly what is unfolding at the Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City in Sanya where Khan works as a researcher for the Hainan Research Institute of Zhejiang University. Khan first learned about the wonderful things happening there from his Pakistani friends in 2022, which is what attracted him to come to Hainan and make valuable contributions through his ongoing research on the control and prevention of plant pests.

Hainan is a fantastic environment for this kind of research given its wonderful climate and evergreen flora. Being a tropical island with so many attractive tourism features is another aspect that led Khan and his family deciding to move here.

In the video, Khan gives the down low on Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, a high-level research platform with strong talent-introduction policies that are bound to attract more talents like himself to come.

As an entomologist and researcher for the Hainan Institute of Zhejiang University, Khan not only makes a deep impact with his important discoveries of how our environment is affected by plant pests, but he also shares his findings and knowledge with his students, encouraging them to work together in making a better tomorrow, which is something he finds incredibly rewarding.

Khan couldn't be happier doing what he does, with the support of a wonderful wife and adorable baby. He values his family life and has achieved an incredible sense of balance in the way he manages both work and family life. Watch this video and get to know more about him.

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