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Hong Kong delegation visits Sanya boating, wine fair

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2023-04-14

As part of its efforts to strengthen economic and cultural ties between Hainan and Hong Kong, the Sanya tourism promotion board (STPB) extended a special invitation to a delegation from Hong Kong recently, welcoming them as distinguished attendees to the 2023 Boating Sanya &Sanya International Wine and Spirits Fair held from April 13 to 17.

On the morning of April 14, the Hong Kong delegation visited the Sanya Planning Exhibition Hall and the Sanya Central Business District (CBD) Exhibition Hall, where they were briefed on an overview of Sanya's urban planning, tourism resources, and industrial layout. They were also given an introduction to the attractive investment opportunities the city has at its disposal. The STPB furthermore organized a discussion to provide the delegation with more information and deeper insights into the investment, employment, and residential opportunities available in Sanya.

In recent years, Sanya has been proactively developing its leading industries and promoting trade and investment as part of its strategy to leverage the major opportunities presented by the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port (Hainan FTP). To create an environment that is conducive to growth and innovation, the city is committed to fostering institutional innovation and deepening comprehensive reform and opening-up efforts, with the ultimate goal of achieving greater openness in terms of development.

The strengthening ties between Hainan and Hong Kong have sparked a growing interest in Sanya among businesses, organizations, and individuals based in Hong Kong. To attract talented individuals to the city, Sanya has implemented a series of policies. One of the most notable of these is the "talent new policy," which is considered China's first talent policy that aligns with the construction of a free trade port. This encourages entrepreneurs and professionals from Hong Kong to invest and provides them with preferential treatment and full support. Consequently, it creates extensive opportunities for Hong Kong enterprises to expand and thrive in Sanya.

“Over the past decade, Sanya has undergone rapid development, attracting professionals from diverse fields to invest, work and conduct business in the city. We can also benefit from the excellent opportunities available through the cooperation between Hainan and Hong Kong,” said Wei Qiao Lin, Chairman of Hong Kong InnoVision and a member of the visiting delegation.

After the meeting, the group dropped by the 2023 Boating Sanya &Sanya International Wine and Spirits Fair to witness the upgraded consumption of Sanya's tourism industry and gain a better understanding of the city's appeal as a stylish, diverse, and dynamic international destination. The tour provided an immersive experience that highlighted Sanya's dedication to offering high-quality products and services to visitors from all over the world.

Albert Yip, director general of the STPB, said the fair has invited numerous globally renowned yacht and fine wine brands, as well as prestigious international wine competitions such as the Shanghai International Wine Challenge (SIWC) and Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (CMB), bringing the latest industry trends to Sanya.

The 2023 Boating Sanya &Sanya International Wine and Spirits Fair showcased Sanya's urban landscape, industrial innovation, and cultural tourism environment, impressing the Hong Kong delegation with the city's prospects for development. The group also expressed high expectations regarding the opportunities that lie ahead for Hainan.

As Hainan is set to launch an independent customs operation by 2025, Sanya, aiming to become a benchmark city for free trade ports, has opened up even further and explored economic and trade cooperation on an international level while further upgrading traditional industries.

Meanwhile, the city continues to promote institutional innovation to meet the development needs of emerging industries such as boating, finance, culture, and offshore trade.

This event that has brought Hong Kong and Sanya closer together has served as an opportunity to showcase the high-quality development of the city, its favorable business environment for investment, and the support for Hong Kong youth to develop in Sanya, underscoring Sanya's accelerated efforts to appear more attractive to investors, businesses, and talent from Hong Kong and beyond.

Hundreds of yachts are on show at the Sanya International Yacht Center. [Photo provided to english.sanya.gov.cn]

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