Procedures for orphans applying for basic allowances in Hainan

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Who can be identified as orphans?

An orphan is considered a person under the age of 18 whose parents have died or who have lost contact with their parents, according to the State Council's Opinions on Enhancing the Protection and Support for Orphans, issued by the General Office of the State Council in 2010.

Who is eligible for basic allowances in Hainan and what are the standards?

The basic allowances will cover both orphans raised in children's welfare institutions at municipal and county levels, the children department of social welfare institutions, and the "five guarantees" service institutions in the countryside, as well as orphans living alone (ages 0-18 years old and whose parents are dead or whose parents are declared dead or missing by the court).

The standards of the allowance start at 1,450 yuan ($224.2) and 1,050 yuan per month for orphans raised in institutions and orphans living alone respectively.

How do orphans apply for the allowances?

For orphans raised outside the welfare institutions, their guardians should submit applications to the sub-district office where the orphans' residence is registered, and the local government with the death certificates of their parents or the documents announcing the death or disappearance of the parents issued by the court. After reviewing the relative materials and giving preliminary opinions, the sub-district offices and local governments will submit the applications to the department of civil affairs of the higher-level governments for deliberation and approval. The departments of civil affairs will releases their decisions after prudent examination and consideration.

To protect the privacy of orphans, publicizing the information of them for the purpose of information verification should be avoided.

For orphans raised within the welfare institutions, the institution should be responsible for submitting applications to the departments of civil affairs for examination and approval.

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