Free places to travel in Sanya: night markets

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No trip to Sanya is complete without a visit to its bustling night markets. With street vendors selling local delicacies and handicrafts, night markets in Sanya are truly paradises for avid foodies, shopaholics, and those who would like to get a closer look at the local lifestyle.

Here is a list of Sanya's popular night markets! Dive into the nightlife of the city and feel the vibes!

1. First Market

Address: 155, Xinjianshe Street, Tianya district

Time: 18:00 - 24:00

How to get there: Bus No 2, 4, 10.

What to do:

If you are searching for a place to wander among the stalls looking for the perfect souvenir or some interesting local specialties, then Sanya's First Market, located downtown, is the right place for you. Feel free to savor a vast array of fresh seafood and local delicacies. Fans of knick-knacks should check out the market as well. It is an open-air venue that runs every day except in extreme weather.

First Market. [Photo/WeChat account:sytpb_]

2. Yiheng Night Market

Address: 1361, Jiefang Road, Tianya district

Time: 20:00 pm - 2:00 am

How to get there: Bus No 24, 16

What to do:

Those who like to explore hip and trendy spots, have got to check out the Yiheng Night Market! Feel the lively atmosphere and try different local dishes and snacks, such as Hainan's famous chicken dishes, seafood barbecue, rice noodles, and snacks from all over China, such as stinky tofu. Choose fresh tropical fruit and drinks, buy some fresh flowers, and, of course, pick up some hand-made souvenirs.

Yiheng Night Market. [Photo/WeChat account:sytpb_]

3. Ganghua Night Market

Address: Hedong Road, Jiyang district

Time: 18:00 - 22:00

How to get there: Bus No 4, 7

What to do:

Located in downtown Sanya, Ganghua Night Market is a small-sized market offering a great variety of different things. Sit shoulder to shoulder with the friendly locals under the market's colorful neon signs as you indulge in local grass-fed beef, freshly caught seafood, tropical fruits, and much more.

Ganghua Night Market. [Photo/WeChat account:sytpb_]

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