Hongqi Street Community: Sanya's old business center

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2023-03-13

Hongqi Street Community. [Photo/Sanya Daily]

Hongqi Street Community is considered as an old business center of Sanya. It is home to First Market, Shangping Street and Hongqi Night Market, which are bustling commercial areas famous for Hainan specialty foods.

It a densely populated area with an area of 0.5 square kilometers, 851 permanent residents and a total population of 4,452 people. It is located on the west bank of the Sanya River, facing Hexi Road in the east, Yuejin Road in the north, and Jiefang Road in the southeast.

Shangping Street is filled with old residential buildings, barbershops, grocery stores, cafes and clothing stores.

First market boasts seafood, fresh fruit and vegetables, and various types of meat.

A wide variety of handicraft commodities, cloth, accessories, tropical fruits and Hainan specialty snacks make Hongqi Night Market a popular area for young people.

Hongqi Night Market. [Photo/Sanya Daily]

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