Coconut chicken hotpot

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2022-04-25

Coconut chicken hotpot. [Photo/Sanya Daily]

In recent years, tourists in Sanya have become increasingly interested in local delicacies such as coconut chicken hotpot. Fresh coconut water, water chestnut, coconut flesh, and local free-range chicken are the primary basic components.

Drink the soup first, then pick up a piece of chicken and dunk it in a little green orange sauce while eating it.

Healthy foods have already become fashionable among people as a result of rising social pressure. Unlike spicy hotpot, the coconut chicken hotpot does not have a lot of seasonings. It has become a popular healthy food due to its unique and mild flavor.

Outside of Hainan Island, coconut chicken hotpot has evolved into a type of fast-food. While the coconut chicken hotpot restaurants in Sanya, which is the origin of the food, have a more local food culture, eating coconut chicken hotpot is a way of learning about Hainan's food culture.

Coconut chicken hotpot has made the transition from a comfort food to a regional delicacy. It is spreading island's good flavors to regions outside of Hainan, and attracting visitors to the island to sample the delicious cuisine.

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