Sanya offers summer heat-relief treats

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As temperature rising, let's check out the must-eat summer treats in Sanya.

1. Qingbuliang

Qingbuliang is a cool and refreshing sweet soup served as a dessert all year round in Hainan.

It was first created in 219 BC, over 2,000 years ago. Legend said that Qingbuliang was invented in the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC) as a method of cooling off.

These days, in addition to traditional coconut water soup, there are tons of new innovations, such as adding coconut milk or upping the cool factor by making the dish into a smoothie or even an ice cream flavor.

A big bowl full of cold, creamy coconut milk plus your pick of other ingredients, such as red beans, red dates, barley, watermelon chunks, and shredded coconut, is sure to refresh you after a long day of playing in the sun.

Qingbuliang has the seal of approval of history and remains popular today. No longer just a cool treat, it has become a cultural symbol and the epitome of the island's culture.

Qingbuliang. [Photo/IC]

2. Traditional salted beverages

Soda has never been the best choice to provide relief from Hainan's summer heat, but traditional salted beverages just might do the trick!

Here, all kinds of fruit juices are made with just a tiny bit of sweeter, mixed with a dash of salt. Just take your pick of Hainan's many fresh seasonal fruits, such as lemons, guavas, pineapples or wampees, add some salt, mash it up, add ice and shake well. Your thirst-quenching summer drink is ready!

This icy beverage is sure to cool you down right away, while the salt replaces what you've lost to sweat and the sugar in the fruit gives you energy to keep going all day long!

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