Sanya mangoes win national title as excellent new agricultural products

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2024-04-23

Guifei mangoes grown in Sanya's Haitang Bay. [Photo by Li Shengfu/Hainan Daily]

The Haitang Bay Jinhuang Mango and Guifei Mango, mainly produced by Sanya Youlong Agricultural Development, were listed among the first batch of the National Catalog of Excellent New Agricultural Products for 2024, which was recently released by the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs.

A total of 410 agricultural products made the list this time, and excellent new agricultural products refer to agricultural products produced in specific areas (at the county level) with a particular production scale and commercial quantity, significant regional characteristics, unique nutritional qualities, stable supply, and consumer markets, high public recognition, and reputation. They are a golden signboard for the national "local specialty products."

With suitable temperatures, abundant sunlight, and plentiful rainfall, Sanya has become the best mango production area in China. Mango has also become the most distinctive tropical fruit industry in Sanya.

The Youlong Mango Base, located in Baishiling, Shengchang village, Haitang district, Sanya, benefits from its unique geographical environment and location, with sea breezes and abundant sunlight, making it a naturally superior mango planting area, contributing to the exceptional quality of the mangoes.

The mangoes from Haitang Bay in Sanya, known for their early market availability, vibrant color, delightful sweetness, and excellent storage quality, have captured the hearts of consumers. Dealers from various regions have flocked to secure these mangoes, and they have also found a place in overseas markets, being exported to Canada, the United States, and many other countries.

In 2023, it achieved the Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certification, a testament to the international acceptance of Sanya mangoes meeting global standards and gaining a 'passport' for export to all countries. This has significantly bolstered the competitiveness of Sanya mangoes in the international market and spurred their export.

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