Sanya sets up 29 education groups to improve teaching quality

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2022-04-02

Based on its existing school districts and education group pilots, Sanya will establish 29 new education groups, including four municipal groups and 25 in districts.

Sanya will give full play to the advantages of education groups, as well as coordinate educational activities, teaching research, educational research, and teacher training among schools within the education group. It will also improve the training, evaluation, as well as assessment mechanisms for management personnel and teachers within the group. The education groups will achieve teaching and research co-construction and resource sharing, as well as bolster education and teaching quality.

In 2019, the Hainan Provincial Department of Education selected Sanya's Jiyang district as the key pilot area for education groups in the province. Jiyang district has established eight education groups from 31 public primary and secondary schools in the district, with high-quality schools as the core schools and weak rural schools as member schools.

After the implementation of group-based schooling, the quality of primary and secondary education in Jiyang district has greatly improved. Compared with 2017, its excellent rate has increased from 2 percent to 18.8 percent in 2021, its pass rate has increased from 19.9 percent to 57.1 percent, and its low score rate has decreased from 9.3 percent to 3.1 percent.

Tianya district divided its 47 primary, secondary schools, and kindergartens into eight education groups. In the quality monitoring of the sixth grade of primary schools in Sanya in 2020, Xidao Primary School ranked 30 in the city, up 23 places from 2018, and Wenmen Primary School ranked 32nd in the city, up 91 places from 2018.

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