Tropical regions combine forces to produce talent

Print By Chen Bowen in Haikou | China Daily | Updated: 2023-11-15

The League of Tropical Universities was established at a summit in the coastal resort city of Sanya on Tuesday, with the aim of bringing global tropical communities together to promote economic and social development.

The league will be used to cultivate high-end talent urgently needed in tropical regions, and to promote cooperation and exchanges in education, science, technology and culture, said Luo Qingming, president of Hainan University, at the inauguration summit of the LTU.

Hainan University will serve as the permanent secretariat for the league.

Tropical regions are home to 40 percent of the world's population, and are expected to become powerhouses of sustainable development through innovation and collaboration, Luo said.

It was announced at the inauguration that the league has 40 members from 18 countries and regions, including China, Fiji and Brazil.

"We hope that the LTU will give full play to the respective advantages of universities, scientific research institutions and associations in tropical regions," said Li Hu, head of the Hainan Provincial Department of Education.

"The league can be a unified platform for optimizing and consolidating the allocation of international educational resources through regular exchanges, theoretical discussions, experience sharing and skills competitions."

Li added the league aims to become a world-renowned education alliance, promoting the coordinated and integrated high-quality development of education, science, technology and talent.

Semesa Karavaki, chancellor and council chair of Fiji National University, said with the league's establishment, he expects to explore new ways of university cooperation and innovation, and he believes that many more universities in tropical areas will join.

"Brazil is committed to ... participating in the LTU. We believe the league can help us go further with international collaboration, with some of the excellent universities in the tropical areas," said Luiz Gustavo Nussio, a professor and former dean at Luiz de Queiroz College of Agriculture, and coordinator of the China Agricultural University-University of Sao Paulo Joint College of Agriculture.

The professor hoped that members can participate in more shared projects, collaboration and exchanges in faculties and students. For Brazil, in particular, he is looking forward to working together with institutions from the league to develop tropical agriculture.

The League of Tropical Universities is established at a summit in Sanya on Nov 14. [Photo/IC]

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