Sanya enterprises bring distinctive products to CICPE 2024

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2024-04-18

Seven Sanya enterprises, including Hainan Heren Pearl, Dehang Group, and Hainan Tourism Duty-Free, showcased representative Sanya-themed exhibits during the fourth China International Consumer Products Expo (CICPE) in Haikou.

Huang Runqiong, deputy general manager of Hainan Heren Pearl, noted that the enterprise has been preparing for this since the second half of last year, designing product styles, purchasing raw materials, and producing, all to present unique products to everyone.

In 2022, Hainan Heren Pearl established the first large-scale gold and jewelry industrial park in Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City. This time, they presented nearly 1,000 products and multiple spring and summer-themed new pearl products.

Silver jewelry of the Li ethnic group exhibited in the Hainan Pavilion have attracted many visitors. These products were brought for exhibition and sale by Sanya Limin Silver Jewelry Tourism Commodities Development, all crafted using traditional techniques, adding a unique charm to the Hainan Pavilion with their distinctive local characteristics.

Lu Ping, the executive chairman of Dehang Group, stated that the company's participation in the expo is intended to expand their network and establish an open platform for global buying and selling. In the future, they plan to sell products through methods such as "duty-free display + instant purchase and delivery," contributing to the internationalization of domestic products.

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