Recommended ways to enjoy summer in Sanya

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2023-05-10

Sanya shines under the hot summer sun. Here are some recommended ways to enjoy summer in Sanya.

1. Water activities

Sanya has a rich variety of water activities, such as yachting, surfing and diving. Water activities are exciting and can help people forget about their worries.

A man wakesurfs in the sea off Sanya. [Photo/WeChat account: sanyatour2013]

2. Camp beside the sea

Camping has become a popular option for travelers recently. Thanks to its long coastline, Sanya provides seashore campsites for interested visitors. Tourists can also enjoy music, outdoor movies and seafood while camping beside the sea.

3. Enjoy the sunset in Sanya Bay

Sanya Bay is located in the main urban area of Sanya, stretching for 22 kilometers, with coconut groves extending westward.

Due to its beautiful scenery and proximity to the urban area, this place has become a popular location for citizens and tourists to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

The sunset in Sanya Bay. [Photo/WeChat account: sanyatour2013]

4. Taste Sanya's featured summer food

As a tropical city, Sanya has many featured summer snacks.

Qingbuliang is a dessert that is favored by most Hainan natives in the summer months. Its ingredients include green beans, red beans, watermelons, tortoise jelly, tapioca pudding, raisins, as well as some coconut juice and coconut milk. It helps people cool down from the summer heat.

Coconuts are natural cooling drinks in tropical locations, and are even more delicious when frozen. Green coconuts taste the best due to their sweet water and jelly-like pulp.

Mangoes are the fruit of choice in summer. They are used as an ingredient in various dishes, such as mango ice.

Qingbuliang. [Photo/WeChat account: sanyatour2013]

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