Embark on village walk in Yazhou, Sanya

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Experience a village walk in Yazhou, Sanya this autumn! Explore the charm of Nanshan village, the elegance of Meixi village, the romance of Meilian community, the historic vibe of Yacheng village, and the beauty of Changshan village. Immerse yourself in the serene scenes between the azure sea and quaint villages.

1.Nanshan village

A trail in Nanshan village. [Photo/WeChat account: guyunyazhou]

Embark on a leisurely stroll along the main road of Nanshan village. Adorned with vibrant potted plants, each house showcases the artistic essence of village life. Continuing forward, you'll find the lively Nanshan village square, where culture and art collide. Nearby, the lotus pond delights with its azure waters, stone pavilions, and charming bridges.

2.Meilian community:

An aerial view of the coastal area of Meilian community. [Photo/WeChat account: guyunyazhou]

In Meilian community, let your curiosity guide you as you wander through its alleys. The murals in Meilian Community bring joy, like opening a present. Near the sea, you'll find bookstores and ocean-facing homestays, where both body and mind can find solace.

3. Meixi village:
Meixi village exudes a stronger cultural flavor, with its white walls, tiled roofs, lush greenery, and meandering paths. Explore Meixi village on a bicycle and you'll find happiness in every corner.

4. Yacheng village:
Yacheng village showcases the charming allure of the ancient city of Yazhou. The old courtyards in the village invite visitors to pause and admire their beauty, with brick walls and exquisite architectural details that transport you through time. The village is also known for its delicious local food, such as stinky tofu, pork knuckle rice, sour noodles, and shrimp cakes.

5. Baoping village:
Don't miss the opportunity to experience the ancient-style charm of Baoping village. As you walk along the main road of Baoping village, you'll come across Baoping Bookstore, located next to Zhang's Courtyard. Combining coffee, books, and ancient architecture, it offers a unique setting to relax and enjoy a book.

An aerial view of Baoping village. [Photo/WeChat account: guyunyazhou]

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