Cinker Pictures Mega cinema meets audience in Sanya

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2024-01-19

The Cinker Pictures Mega in Sanya Hi Place. [Photo/WeChat account: sanyatour2013]

Cinker Pictures Mega has opened in Sanya Hi Place, presenting a one-of-a-kind mega cinema that also serves as a hub for innovative dining and various forms of entertainment.

Inspired by the three classic films of the master filmmaker Wes Anderson, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Darjeeling Limited and The French Dispatch, the venue features design elements drawn from these films.

In addition, visitors can find classic and playful pixelated fonts from Ready Player One as well as specially designed floor tiles that mimic the carpet patterns from The Shining.

Covering nearly 4,000 square meters, the space is intricately designed with innovative screening rooms, distinctive VIP boutique rooms, and a variety of private dining rooms. Each area is enriched with cinematic elements, creating a unique and immersive experience.

The Pictures Variety restaurant inside is a Southeast Asian restaurant that shines in the company of movies.

The restaurant is dedicated to maintaining the authentic flavors of Southeast Asian cuisine. It achieves this by incorporating seasonal, fresh ingredients from Japanese and Cantonese cuisine. This approach maximizes the original taste of the ingredients while preserving the rich and full-bodied sauces and flavors characteristic of traditional Southeast Asian cuisine.

The specially crafted movie-themed cocktails are full of ingenuity, each inspired by a classic movie story. From their design to their taste, these cocktails are sure to impress even the most seasoned movie buffs.

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