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Yazhou Central Fishing Port: youngest fishing port in Hainan

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2019-05-17

Yazhou Central Fishing Port is the youngest fishing port of Hainan Island, and also the fishing port with the most comprehensive functions. It resulted from Sanya’s decision to implement a "Three-Port-Separation" policy in 2005, which meant constructing the Phoenix Island Passenger Terminal, Nanshan Mountain Cargo Terminal and Yazhou Central Fishing Port to replace the Sanya Port. Officially inaugurated in August 2016, the Yazhou Central Fishing Port is a national level central fishing port located at the southernmost part of China. It has undertaken the fishing-related functions of Sanya Port.

An aerial view of Sanya Yazhou Central Fishing Port in southernmost China. 

Visiting the central fishing port, you will instantly appreciate its charm and vitality. In addition to main projects of terminals, harbor dredging, and breakwaters, the port has production facilities such as an aqua product trading center, a cold storage processing area, an office building and areas for water, ice, and oil supplies, as well as a sewage treatment station, fire station, and seafood stalls.

As the nearest national-level central fishing port to the South China Sea fishing ground, Yazhou Port, with complete functions and sizable scale, is the best place for fishing ships to berth, shelter, unload, and replenish. As of the end of September 2018 the port had received about 20,000 incoming fishing ships and unloaded about 90,000 tons of fish, with its daily unloading record as high as 1,016 tons. During the peak season, over 860 fishing ships of varied sizes from all over China are berthed at the port.

Fishing boats berthed in the Sanya Yazhou Central Fishing Port.

There is still more to the fishing port. It is also a tourist attraction. Standing in the top-floor sightseeing hall of the landmark “Tower of Silk Road”, you get a panoramic view of Yazhou Bay. To the south, there is a man-made island of dredged sludge in the harbor basins. Along the coastal lines on both sides, sea waves slowly approach the shores. The incoming ships berthed on the glittering sea make a great view for a tropical sea port. Built to support tourist city upgrading, the Yazhou Central Fishing Port will also develop a fishing-related tourist industry that will enrich that market for the city.

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