Sanya's gold-level rural homestays

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Sanya, a tropical coastal city in South China's Hainan province, has been developing its homestay industry by making use of its tourism advantages.

To date, Sanya has four gold-level, 15 silver-level and 46 bronze-level rural homestays, ranking first in the province. Here is the list of its gold-level rural homestays.

1. Sanya Suyue 107 Homestay

Sanya Suyue 107 Homestay is surrounded by dense forests and mountains, and adorned with swaying banana trees.

The most distinctive feature of this homestay is the thatched huts that have strong Li ethnic style. It is full of tropical charm, and has a simple and free romantic atmosphere.

Address: No 39, Hongqi group, Bohou village, Jiyang district, Sanya

Sanya Suyue 107 Homestay. [Photo/Sanya tourism board]

2. Sanya Yalong Bay Zishui Qinglu Homestay

The design here reflects the essence of traditional culture and showcases a traditional Chinese aesthetic style. It creates a calm and relaxed contemporary living space, a cultural atmosphere and a spiritual sense of belonging.

Address: No 5, Xinpo group 1, Bohou village, Jiyang district

3. Sanya Ysera Hotel

Sanya Ysera Hotel is a Moroccan style homestay with 38 comfortable rooms. The hammocks, carpets, swimming pool, and various other props that dot this hotel give it a distinctive design.

Address: No 71, Xinpo 2nd team, Bohou village, Jiyang district

4. Ruguo Haiyuanjian Homestay

Ruguo Haiyuanjian Homestay is located in the Haitang Bay Area. It rejects the hustle and bustle of the city and provides more beauty and tranquility to its guests.

Its white painted exterior blends well with the natural scenery and the large glass windows give guests the best views of the water.

Address: No 9, Dongcun village, Tenghai community, Haitang district, Sanya

Ruguo Haiyuanjian Homestay. [Photo/Sanya tourism board]

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