Hainan approves cross-regional marriage registration

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2023-05-22

China's State Council has approved the expansion of an inter-provincial marriage registration pilot program to 21 provincial-level regions across the country, including Hainan.

Under previous regulations, marriages had to be registered at a registry office located in the same region of the household registration of the bride or the groom. Now in the pilot areas, people living in regions outside their household registration areas can register their marriages where they live, the announcement reads.

The pilot program will last two years from the date of approval. It's expected that the new measures will particularly help the migrant population.

Hainan has been making concerted efforts to create a marriage-friendly environment. Since Dec 12, 2022, it has approved cross-cities and counties marriage registration. Within Hainan province, people are able to handle marriage registrations in their habitual residence.

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