Free pre-marital medical service point opens at Sanya marriage office

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2023-07-26

The free pre-marital physical examination service point opens at the marriage registration office of the Sanya civil affairs bureau. [Photo/WeChat account:gh_e4c1323b5808]

On July 25, the Sanya civil affairs bureau's marriage registration office held an opening ceremony for its free pre-marital physical examination service point. This service point will provide free pre-marital medical examinations for couples who come to register their marriage.

This is the first time that a health service has been provided at the marriage registration office in Sanya. This effort aims to provide convenient, efficient, and professional medical services for couples, as well as provide them with knowledge about reproductive health.

To enjoy a free pre-marriage physical examination service, couples only need to bring their identification cards to the service point. Sanya residents, people who have lived in Sanya for more than six months, and stationed military who are looking to get married, can all undergo examination at this service point with their significant others.

Before undergoing the examination, couples should have a good rest the day before, avoid staying up late and drinking alcohol, and have a light diet to avoid abnormal results in the blood tests. On the day of the physical examination, couples should not eat or drink anything.

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