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Sanya expands its overseas air routes

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2023-09-14

Sanya, a popular tourist destination in China, has been actively expanding its overseas passenger air routes this year in order to promote cross-border tourism and to develop itself into an international tourism hub.

On July 1, flight HX161 from Hong Kong arrived at Sanya Phoenix International Airport with 153 passengers.

On the same day, Sanya airport's international terminal completed construction and was put into operation. It can accommodate approximately 3 million international passengers annually.

Hong Kong has always been one of the main sources of overseas visitors to Sanya. Since the resumption of flights on July 1, daily flights from Hong Kong to Sanya have brought nearly 10,000 tourists to the city.

Less than a week later, flight TW621 carrying 125 passengers landed at Sanya airport from Seoul, South Korea, reopening the Sanya-Seoul international passenger air route after a three-year hiatus.

On July 21, the Sanya to Jakarta international air route was launched. It attracted 118 inbound tourists as soon as it opened.

Then, on Aug 21, the Sanya-Hanoi international air route had its inaugural flight, attracting an influx of tourists.

Since July 1, the airport has operated four overseas passenger air routes. As of Aug 29, the airport has overseen a total of 209 inbound and outbound flights, with a cumulative international and regional passenger throughput of approximately 26,000 people.

On Aug 21, the first Sanya-Hanoi international flight lands at Sanya Phoenix International Airport. [Photo/Hainan Daily]

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