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Sanya's off-island duty-free consumption surges since holiday travel rush

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2024-02-06

After the start of the Spring Festival travel rush on Jan 26, the number of passengers entering and leaving Hainan Island has rapidly increased, fueling the off-island duty-free consumption.

Statistics have shown that during the first week of the travel rush from Jan 26 to Feb 1, Sanya Customs supervised 632 million yuan ($88 million) in off-island duty-free shopping, with 108,700 individuals and 629,100 items.

With the approaching Spring Festival, major off-island duty-free shops in Sanya have launched promotional activities to create diverse consumption scenes to meet the needs of different consumer groups, helping to boost the off-island duty-free consumption boom.

Behind the upgraded consumer experience is improved quality and efficiency brought about by intelligent supervision. To help duty-free enterprises seize the "golden period" of peak sales, Haikou Customs has continuously advanced the efficiency of centralized off-island duty-free declaration processing reform.

The time for filing duty-free goods has been shortened to less than three minutes, and the non-inspection approval time has been reduced to less than five minutes, ensuring "zero delays" in the shelving of duty-free goods and significantly improving logistics turnover efficiency, further reducing enterprise operating costs.

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