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Folk activities to stage in Sanya for Sanyuesan Festival

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2024-04-01

Events at the Sanya sub-venue are expected to feature a rich display of ethnic customs. [Photo/WeChat account: syrbgfwx]

In 2024, the Hainan traditional Li and Miao ethnic Sanyuesan Festival is set to be held from April 11 to 13. This unique festival, hosted by 13 cities and counties, including Sanya, offers a myriad of folk activities. 

These activities promise to immerse you in a rich display of ethnic customs and activities that are not only popular among the local people but also unique to this region, sparking your curiosity and interest.

The Sanya sub-venue is set to host the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as activities such as folk song competitions, the "Exquisite Intangible Cultural Heritage" skills competition, traditional ethnic sports competitions, and a series of exhibitions.

Sanya’s events are set to be conducted in a combination of online and offline formats, ensuring that everyone can participate and feel part of the celebration. The online activities are set to run from April 7 to May 7, featuring the "Internet+" campaign for ethnic unity and progress, showcasing the achievements of the Li and Miao ethnic groups and their economic, cultural, and livelihood outcomes.

Offline activities are expected to run from April to May. On the evening of April 8, the opening ceremony and a themed cultural performance are set to be held at the Tianyahaijiao scenic area, presenting the unique style and artistic charm of the excellent ethnic minority cultures in Sanya through art forms such as singing and dancing.

From April 8 to 11, an exhibition of ethnic minorities' intangible cultural heritage is anticipated to be held at the Tianyahaijiao scenic area. The exhibition, a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the Li ethnic group, showcases their traditional spinning, dyeing, weaving, and embroidery skills, as well as their original pottery-making techniques, traditional medicine, and distinctive traditional intangible cultural heritage foods.

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