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Sanya invests in cleaner waters with Yazhou Bay sewage project

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2024-05-15

An interior view of the Sanya Yazhou Bay Central Fishing Port Salt Sewage Disposal Project. [Photo/Hainan Daily]

The Sanya Yazhou Bay Central Fishing Port Salt Sewage Disposal Project was recently completed, costing over 73 million yuan ($10 million), and is currently undergoing trail operations, preparing for its operation in June.

The facility will process 2,500 metric tons of sewage daily, while also redirecting 800 tons of domestic sewage into the municipal sewage network each day, effectively addressing the issue of sewage discharge from Sanya Yazhou Bay Central Fishing Port.

The port is a modern, comprehensive and multifunctional demonstrative port boasting the largest scale and most comprehensive facilities in Hainan.

The port not only separates Sanya's passenger, cargo, and fishing ports but is also expected to significantly expedite the growth of the marine economy and foster a modern marine industrial system.

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