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Sanya launches 182 products to meet summer tourism peak demand

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2024-06-06

A total of 182 summer tourism products were launched in Sanya, Hainan on June 4 to provide families with more personalized experiences while they tour the tropical city during the summer for graduation and family trips.

The products include accommodation, scenic spots, yacht excursions, dining, water activities, and travel routes, with discounts totaling 200 million yuan ($28 million).

These products not only focus on entertainment but also integrate educational and interactive experiences with family bonding.

Family travel has gained popularity as people become more interested in recreational activities. Sanya has been diversifying its tourism products and setting industry standards for family-friendly products and routes.

Additionally, the implementation of a travel system and compensation mechanism ensures efficiency of problems solving and increases customer satisfaction.

Sanya will continue to improve its overall plan for the family tourism industry, leveraging all resources to improve child-friendly entertainment facilities and striving to offer diversified tourism products themed on marine culture, rainforest culture, Li and Miao ethnic cultures, water sports and technology experiences, according to officials from the Sanya tourism and culture bureau.

Sanya hosts a summer tourism products promotion conference on June 4. [Photo/Sanya Daily]

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