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Sanya's durian production to reach 200 tons this year

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2024-07-08

Sanya's durian cultivation area spans 13,000 mu (867 hectares), with production skyrocketing by over four times compared to last year, yielding over 200 metric tons. The peak production period is anticipated around mid-July.

Benefiting from Sanya's unique climate, which acts as a natural greenhouse for durian growth, the increased production is also attributed to the ciyu's utilization of smart agricultural systems, ensuring precise fertilization and watering.

Each durian tree requires 100 pounds of water daily. To bridge the quality gap with traditional durian trees from Southeast Asian countries, Sanya has invested significantly in a specialized organic fertilizer plant.

Through continuous research and development efforts, a specialized organic fertilizer has been formulated to optimize durian growth. This monthly "nutritious meal" regimen is crucial to enhance the fruit's quality. Last year alone, approximately 1,000 tons of organic fertilizer were utilized, equivalent to producing 1 pound of durian flesh, requiring 5 pounds of fertilizer.

When questioned about the substantial investments in time, money, and manpower solely for supplying durians with fertilizer, Li Gang, the director of the Hainan Hongxiang Agricultural Biotechnology's organic fertilizer plant, stated, "It's worth it because previously, all durians were imported. I hope China can have our durians".

From July 19 to 21, the China-ASEAN Durian Industry Symposium is expected to take place in Sanya. The conference is poised to bring together representatives from 10 ASEAN countries, including Thailand and Malaysia, with durian growers from various cities and counties in Hainan, engaging in forums and tastings to exchange experiences and foster the development of the domestic durian industry.

Sanya durian. [Photo/Sanya Daily]

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