Sanya's 1st Grandjoy Center to open in October

Print english.sanya.gov.cn Updated: 2024-03-15

The construction of the COFCO Sanya Grandjoy Center is in the final stages of finishing the mechanical and electrical work, installing the curtain wall, and refining public areas. The project is expected to open on Oct 1 this year.

The project's manager, Liu Hui, has announced that the main structural topping-out of the fourth phase of the project, which is an ultra-high-rise office building approximately 208 meters tall, has been completed. Currently, the building is undergoing the construction of exterior curtain walls, interior mechanical and electrical systems, and fire protection systems.

The COFCO Sanya Grandjoy Center aims to create a comprehensive consumer business district and commercial core area centered around the Sanya Grandjoy Center. The project's total construction area is around 650,000 square meters.

The fourth phase covers an area of about 300,000 sq m and includes constructing the 208-meter Sanya International Trade Center and the commercial office building.

"This year, the project is expected to have an overall investment of about 600 million yuan ($83.43 million), with a first-quarter target output value of about 150 million yuan," said Liu.

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